System Performance

real time monitoring enabled

Both inverters are capable of data logging, both have displays indicating output current [A], power [W] and input Voltage [V], as well as cumulative energy output to date [kWh], ...   For more info on the two systems, please check out the pages I wrote for them:.

Fronius inverter. PV Powered inverter.

In the first few days I found that the system does put out about 15% of Pmax within the first 30min of daylight on a sunny day, even with a thin layer of snow on it.


On March 9th at 11:00 a.m. each array put out 5200 Watts.

<-- second day of operation (a.m.)

March 13th (Mon) 7:50 a.m.: weather: clear with morning fog. Arrays in the mist. Output: 10% of Pmax

The system was taken into service in March '06. The data below shows the output of the system each month

this snapshot was taken on 9/9/'06. The March data is incomplete - and so it the April data (the data logger was disconnected for 2 weeks. So the graph of "maximum energy harvested" should look like this (approximately!) :

. Remember that this is the graph of ONE ARRAY only. There are TWO arrays in the system.
Overall the system (the 2 arrays combined) put out over 9MWh in the last 6 months (from March to September)

last update: 9/9/'06

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