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Push Congress to extend the tax credit


Solar Basics (OR)

 PV basics (NREL/US_DoE)


Solar Chart

Green LA
SunPower GeoThermal
Solar Buzz
Energy Trust of OR
OR DOE Solar Page
Oregon Solar Energies Assoc
Atlantis SunSlates
Advanced Energy (AES), Eugene

CEC PTC Panel Ratings <----- interesting comparison! (See how much manufacturers "cheat") :(
CEC PTC Inverter Ratings


  • Web Sales Centers


    The Inverter should convert DC to AC with an efficiency of >90% (the Trace Sun Tie 90-95%, SMA Sunny Boy >95% and the PVP StarInverter seems to offer the highest efficiency).



    Important note: Prices are going up (and will continue to do so until the 2nd half of 2007, if I see this correctly)! Check www.solarbuzz.com for average pricing. The reason for the price increase is a worldwide silicon shortage - caused by the rapid growth of the solar cell industry. This shortage is not likely to go away completely, any time soon. There is more capacity coming on line from Hemlock and others, but the pent-up demand will dry up the new supply pretty quickly. One bitter pill here is that the federal tax incentives are due to sunset (= run out) on Dec 31st, 2007. Just after the new capacity may make a dent in the shortage. This may cause demand in the US to shrink back considerably and help the Germans, Spaniards and Japanese

    See also  http://www.solar-review.com for comparisons and reviews


  • $$$ $$$ Money  Matters $$$ $$$

    Commercial Applications:

    Oregon BETC (PDF of brochure of Business Energy Tax Credit)  

    BETC Application (includes guidelines)

    ETO contribution:
    Pacific Power: $1.00/watt, up to $35,000
    PGE: $1.25/watt, up to $35,000
    Businesses will own green tags during the first 2 years of operation

    Business Solar Tax Credits (SEC. 1337)


    1. How much is the tax credit?   It has been increased from 10% to 30% for the next two years.  There is no dollar limit.
    2. What qualifies for the tax credit?   Eligible technologies ar e photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.  Hybrid solar lighting systems (fiber-optic distributed sunlight) have been added until 1/1/07.
    3. Is there a time limit?   The solar systems have to be placed in service during calendar year 2006 or 2007.  After two years the credit reverts to 10%

    Federal Business Solar Energy Incentives

    30 Percent Investment Tax Credit
    This tax credit is available for businesses (not residences) that invest in or purchase qualified solar energy equipment. This credit applies to qualified home offices.

    5 Year Accelerated Capital Depreciation
    This accelerated depreciation is available for businesses (not residences) that invest in or purchase qualified solar energy equipment. This accelerated depreciation also applies to qualified home offices






    good link page by DSIRE

    Q&A from the ETO

    Residential Applications

    TIAP     Oregon State Incentives  Federal (and state) Tax incentives (DSIREUSA.org)

    Sharp's quick calculator (very good!)

    Legal Schmiegel and Government stuff ("Good God!", these guys can make things complicated!)


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