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Feb27(Mon) -> March 3(Fri): No work done on the system, since PGE (the local utility) had to disconnect power, so the electricians could work on the fuse box and cabling in the basement. Since Dell's is a company from Eugene and AES gave them another assignment to start on, they decided to come back when PGE had time. The appointment was for 3/6 (Mon), so they worked the week from 3/6 (Mon) through 3/9 (Thu).

March 6(Mon)

I partially filled, the trenches, put a red "Electrical Line below" tape in the trench and closed it. The top layer of soil I mixed with grass seeds.

The sheep haven't rubbed against the panels, yet, but I'll have to fence them out.

March 7 (Tue)

PGE came as promised and disconnected the power at 7:45 (15 min early). They used a long rod, to disconnect the power, since 7200V might just arc :-). (No arc occurred, by the way). They also removed the old counter     old wall box:   the new counter:
The outdoor circuits went from this .... : ... to this: ... wow. The main reason was the lack of space inside the house for the additional circuits, combined with a need for upgrading the out-of-date and not-up-to-code panel and cable spaghetti the former owners had left me with.
The electrical work around the breaker boxes took 2 days, so the electricians kindly provided minimal power over night (extra work!) PVC Cement for the PVC conduits of the outside fuse box



March 8 (Wed)

Since the weather was pretty lousy, Mike and Paul were glad they had some work in the basement, so they set up camp in the garage.
The spaghetti is starting to clear up...
some more work outside, though...

March 9(Thu)

Dell's labored until 10:00 p.m!!!! to get the power restored and the fuse boxes all connected and labeled. The system started producing power on Thursday afternoon. Some work still needs to be done, but every day is now a potential 50kWh day (preliminary estimate) aahhh! much better!

March 10 (Fri)

The Washington County inspector came by for the final inspection of the electrical work.

Next inspector to come is from ETO (the Energy Trust of Oregon) to check that the system is in order and functioning.

PGE still needs to come out and replace the meter - it seems the one they installed was just a preliminary solution.

The first two days were very cloudy and the system produced a mere 10-20kWh per day. (indicator for one array (1/2 of the system)

March 13 (Mon) PGE came out and installed a (digital) meter which reads out power fed into the grid as well as power consumed from the grid.

March 15 (Wed)

Len from the ETO came out for an inspection. Looked at the system in detail and expressed how happy he is about the attention to detail Dell's Electric paid, such as the termination of the cables, the fact that everything was labeled, etc. He even took pictures to show to others as examples of "how it should be done". Like me, Len really dislikes the "spaghetti" some electricians leave behind ;).
Paul and Mike came out to install the network cabling for the inverters.

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