Fronius Inverter


Dell Electric installed the "network card" into the Fronius inverter. The network card and the data-logger for the inverter are add-ons (I think - I got them at the same time)

Network card inside inverter: The green LED is ON, the CAT5 cable (to connect the inverter to the data-logger box) is connected to the "OUT" (the port further away from the LED, the other port (closer to the LED) has the dummy/terminator plugged in.
The Datalogger Box is connected as follows:
The USB port  is connected to the USB port  on my laptop
The green LED is ON on, the red LED is OFF.
Jumpers are in the "Run" position (in case you had to do a software update, this might be of relevance).


I installed the "FRONIUS.IG access" from the CD that came with the add-in card for the inverter, started the program by clicking on the icon on the desktop. It didn't work at first, so after checking all the connections (and not finding any problems) I rebooted the PC. Then the software worked like a charm. Easy and intuitive software! Click here, if you want to download the newest version of the software.

I should note here that before I rebooted the PC I called Fronius for help. They were VERY helpful and walked me through the set up progress repeatedly (silly me - I should have reset the PC, before calling them). One of the Fronius tech support guys even interrupted his dinner to troubleshoot my system over the phone. Great service.

The output of the Fronius Software is shown on the System Overview page.
Past data is stored on the Datalogger, not in the inverter. The data can be downloaded to a PC but it is not a straight-forward process to update a webpage with that data in real-time.
PVPowered is currently rolling out a plug-in device that will do just that - allow real-time updating of a web page.

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